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McLean Parts is your reliable source for Hoffman and McLean air conditioners, heat exchangers, blowers, air movers, and repair parts. The experienced staff at McLean Parts has been providing first class customer service for over 35 years.

McLean® is the recognized leader around the world in cooling technologies for electrical and electronic components, helping to extend life and reduce the wear and tear and maintenance of critical equipment and systems. From sophisticated air conditioners in multiple sizes and form factors to fan assemblies, to thermoelectric coolers and heat exchangers

For almost eight years Pentair has supported McLean® and Hoffman® brands of industrial enclosure and cooling solutions as separate strategic brands. Toward the strategy of greater simplification and market presence, The McLean brand will be transitioned to Hoffman by end of 2013, making it easier for our customers to specify more comprehensive enclosure and cooling protection solutions. While the product labels will change from McLean to Hoffman, the part numbers and specifications will remain the same.

The 30-plus years of cooling experience and engineering support continue to carry on. The reliable cooling products and responsive service that you have come to expect stay in place.

About Pentair Equipment Protection

Pentair Equipment Protection is a global leader in safeguarding industrial controls, electrical components, communications hardware and electronic devices. Its premier brands, Hoffman® and Schroff®, provide and comprehensive range of standard, modified and custom engineered solutions for the energy, industrial, infrastructure, commercial, communications, medical, and security and defense markets.

About Pentiar LTD.

Pentair delivers industry-leading products, services, and solutions for its customers in diverse needs in water and other fluids, thermal management and equipment protection.

MAI, or Milo Associates, Inc., has been providing equipment and components since 1977. Regardless of the badge your unit wears, we are your prime source for assistance in maintaining or replacing your thermal management equipment. We also are proud to market and support the entire Hoffman product offering to you. Put us to the test, as we look forward to serving your enclosure and thermal management needs.

McLean Parts is your reliable source for Hoffman and McLean thermal management solutions, including air conditioners, heat exchangers, thermoelectric coolers, blowers and air movers, and repair parts.