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Air Conditioner Units

Mclean Parts features Hoffman, Pentair, and Mclean Cooling Technology
air conditioners / cabinet coolers

Including the Genesis series, SpectraCool G series, SpectraCool N series, ProAir series,
T series, and top-mount air conditioners in Genesis series.

Hoffman, Pentair, and Mclean Cooling Technology air conditioners and cabinet coolers are the premier choice for sealed enclosure cooling solutions. Sealed enclosure cooling is typically required in a hot and dirty environment. It maintains the seal of the enclosure and protects the electronics from damaging dust, water, and other harmful contaminants.

Genesis Side-Mounted:

Genesis side-mounted air conditioners are the TYPE 12 air conditioner of choice
for industrial, automotive, material handling and other process control applications.
Compact and narrow air conditioner sizes available.

Genesis Top-Mounted:

Genesis top-mounted air conditioners are the perfect temperature control solution
when you donít have room to hang a cooling unit on the side of your electrical enclosure.

ProAir Side-Mounted:

ProAir harsh environment air conditioners are available in stainless steel and painted
galvanized sheet metal options. The ProAir is engineered tough to seal out high pressure
hose water and withstand corrosive environments. This slim air conditioner with clean lines
offers more dimensional choices to fit your electrical cabinet. For TYPE 12 and TYPE 4/4X
air conditioner applications. Often used for petrochemical, food and beverage, and wastewater
treatment applications.

ProAir Rack-Mounted:

ProAir rack-mounted air conditioners are a great thermal management system when cooling from
the side or top is not an option. Its 7U height and 19 inch width fits perfectly inside
electronics cabinets.


SpectraCool indoor / outdoor and narrow series air conditioners feature an energy-efficient
rotary compressor and new earth-friendly refrigerant and provide quiet, dependable cooling
in both indoor and outdoor environments. All models are built with corrosion resistant parts
and components. Active condensate management with heater strip comes standard. All units are
Telcordia GR-487 capable.


Mclean Cooling Technology water cooled air conditioners offer highly effective temperature
control when the electrical enclosure is in a dirty, hostile or hot environment.
Requires chilled water at the enclosure. Available in indoor, outdoor, and rack mounted configurations.

T-Series Outdoor Air Conditioner Units:

The perfect enclosure cooling system for large outdoor cabinets or shelters where
precise temperature control is needed. Engineered to seal out virtually any bad weather.
Available in sizes from 800 BTU up to 60,000 BTU.

McLean Parts is your reliable source for Hoffman thermal management products and Pentair technical solutions and equipment protection, including air conditioners, heat exchangers, thermoelectric coolers, blowers and air movers, and repair parts.