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Fresh Air vs. Sealed Enclosure Cooling

Fresh Air or Sealed Enclosure Cooling?

Choosing between fresh air enclosure cooling or sealed enclosure cooling is dependent on
several variables of your system.

Choose the conditions closest to your system operating environment to help you decide which method of
cooling is most suitable to your system application.

Fresh Air
Wet/Dirty/Metal Shavings/
Outdoors/Corrosive Fumes
System Operating Environment
Clean Air/Some Dust/
Dripping Water
Hot - Typically over 35 C / 95 F
Temperature Outside the Enclosure
Moderate to Low
Typically under 35 C / 95 F
Below to Slightly Above
Ambient Temperature
Temperature Rating of the Electronics
Slightly to Well-Above
Ambient Temperature
High Relative Humidity
Humidity Outside of the Enclosure
Moderate to Low
Relative Humidity
Narrow Temperature Range
Temperature Range of the Electronics
Wide Temperature Range
Moderate to High
Typically over 3000 Watts
System Heat Load / Power Draw
Moderate to Low
Under 3000 Watts

If most of your assessment choices are on the Sealed side,
an air conditioner or heat exchanger is most likely the right cooling solution for your system.
If most of your assessment choices are on the Fresh Air side, a filter fan, fan tray, blower or motorized impeller
is probably the correct cooling solution for your application.

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